This is the Police Public Call Box I created From the scifi show Doctor Who (Finished Fall 2007)
0.the look i'm going for 1.the plans 2.the slab it will be built on 3.me on the slab
4.the stack of wood 5.the base is bolted 2 the cement 6.cutting the wood 7.the blade is hot!!
8.in goes the four corners 9.the four corner posts 10.the four corner posts2 11.on goes the plywood
12.plywood is on and the box is squared up 13.filler between bottom and plywood 14.the top of the sign is installed 15.the side and back2
16.see all todds screw misses 17.the top and bottom of sign is installed on the front 18.some of the wood used 19.deciding how to tackle the side trim
20.front side view with 1x4's put on 21.the side with detail trim on 22.front side angle with detail trim left side back
left side front side back with trim top trim top second
top second2 top side top roof1 top roof2
top roof3 doors1 doors2 doors3
doors4 backwin1 backwin2 frontwin2
sidewin frontsidewin frontwlock primer1
primer2 prime3 prime4 primefront
blue1 blue2 frontwin1 frontwin3
frontwin4 frontstrim ropelight allwin1
allwin2 frontsidestrim backsidestrim leftfrontstrim
nightlights1 nightlights2 finished1 finished2
tchristmas1 tchristmas2 policesnow tchristmas3
tchristmas4 plaque1 plaque2 2011-12-05 22-45-25 220